Mindful medicine, empowered health.

Nanopractice PDX is an innovative medical practice, which offers a unique alternative to the usual options for primary care of children and adults in Portland.

We're a micro-practice, with no waiting room and typically no waiting. Since only one patient or family is seen in the office at a time, visits with your physician are unhurried, focused and mindful.

As Board Certified physicians, Dr. Ott and Dr. Reynolds utilize their medical training as well as complementary tools to provide empowered & sustainable health.


Dr. Ott

Dr. Chrissie Ott

  Effective January 28, 2016: Dr. Ott will be closing her practice. She will not be continuing in primary care.  Records can be requested by using the Release of Infoamtion Form under "Patient Area" tab.  Check back soon for updates!


Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Angie Reynolds

Effective January 1, 2016:  Dr. Reynolds has relocated her practice to GreenField Health Eastside Clinic located at 700 NE Multnomah, Suite 400, Portland OR.  If you'd like to become a patient of Dr. Reynolds at her new location, please contact Mary Johnson at GreenField Heatlh:  503-292-9560 or at mary.johnson@greenfieldhealth.com.   If you are an existing patient who wants to transfer records, please contact Dr. Reynolds through the patient portal or email her at dr_angie@nanopracticepdx.com.


The Office:

3933 NE MLK Ave, Ste. 101
Portland, OR 97212

hint: we're behind Ned Ludd

tel: 503.922.3937
fax: 503.200.2300